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Lumens OIP-D50D - 1G 4K AVoIP Decoder


1G 4K AV over IP Decoder
bHigh Quality 4K Transmissionbr /br //bThe Lumens 4K encoder/decoder pair (OIP-D50E / OIP-D50D) delivers 4:4:4 UltraHD video at 30Hz and 4:2:0 at 60Hz. Lumens' compression technology produces visually lossless 4K that can be transmitted over standard 1-Gigabyte Ethernet networks. As a video over IP solution, Lumens OIP is powerful, scalable, and packed with features that are unusual at this price point. bbr /bbr /Ultra-low Latency Delivery and Controlbr //b/bbr /The delay between the HDMI source and decoder is minimal. Because of this, Lumens 4K video over IP units are well suited to relay live video from a production switcher to displays within a venue or around a sports stadium - all at minimal cost. Transmitting device control protocols, Lumens OIP devices can trigger monitor responses such as standby or source switching. So, not only can the Lumens solution dynamically send 4K video to displays, it can control the monitor itself. bbbr /bbr /Networked AV/b/b/b The OIP-D50E / OIP-D50D pair connects a 4K video source and large format displays over standard IP networks. A single encoder can also transmit videos over long distances to multiple decoders, without the need for a dedicated AV network. With multiple encoders and decoders on the network, the Lumens technology goes up another gear: users can now simply drag any input to any output. Now, retailers, bar managers, and venues can play any video content on selected displays or on all monitors on the network. Where installations are running a variety of HD and 4K monitors, Lumens OIP can upscale and downscale the output to ensure compatibility with each /bbr /Cost-effective KVM/b The ultra-low latency of Lumens OIP products makes them perfect for use as a KVM. By attaching a decoder to a PC, technicians can control a remote computer, with full 4K monitor support. With the addition of the OIP-D50C unit, more encoders can be added to the computer network for remote management of multiple computer and server systems. This is a powerful and scalable solution which is easy to set up and delivers an excellent user /bbr /Video Wall Installations/b Supporting video output in either portrait and landscape orientation, two or more displays can be routed to create a video wall. By combining multiple HD screens, organizations can design eye-catching 2K, 4K and 8K video walls. Visually stunning and cost-effective, this is an ideal solution for leisure facilities, control rooms, sports arenas and reception areas. bUser-Friendly IP Control and Monitoringbr /br //bBy deploying Lumens' OIP-D50C controller, operators can preview encoded video sources by launching a web-based interface on any connected device. Each encoded video source can be routed individually to displays or video walls in real-time. The interface is highly visual, making control of each encoded source and destination decoder extremely easy. Customers who prefer to rely on a third-party control system, such as Crestron or Kramer, can integrate with Lumens. b5 Year Warrantybr /br //bLumens offers a 5-year warranty with all its products as standard.

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