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Lumens VC-A61PNW - 4K NDI|HX PTZ Camera


NDI 30x Optical Zoom 4K IP PTZ Video Camera White
bVideo over IPbr //bVC-A61PN supports NDIsupamp;reg;/sup, the popular video networking format. Once connected to the local area network, it is available to the production desk as an NDIsupamp;reg;/sup video source, controlled by software or a dedicated hardware device. The bandwidth requirement for an NDIsupamp;reg;/sup|HX HD 30fps video stream with audio and control data is minimal, between 8 and 20 Mb/s. Using this highly efficient format, multiple cameras can be used to distribute high-quality, low latency video without overwhelming the IP network. bFuture-proofingbr //bWith a choice of 4K or 1080p output, the Lumens VC-A61PN is ideal for all your production and AV requirements. The CMOS sensor is partnered with a high brightness lens which enables the camera to excel in virtually every lighting condition. It makes the VC-A61PN a great PTZ, whether installed in a studio, theater, conference hall or sports center. bOptical Performancebr //bThe 30x lens allows users to zoom in close from the back of a venue or shoot wide to capture a full conference panel thanks to its 68 degree horizontal viewing angle. For extreme close shots, a digital zoom can be deployed, while 3D noise reduction maintains clear pictures and excellent results. bVideo Workflow Flexibility/b br /Featuring HDMI, 3G-SDI, and Ethernet outputs, the VC-A61PN can be integrated with almost any AV, broadcast, or IP workflow. While all models deliver simultaneous H.264 and HEVC streaming, the inclusion of NDIsupamp;reg;/sup|HX adds support for fast integration with NDIsupamp;reg;/sup infrastructures. Such a broad range of video outputs means that the camera is ready to fulfill a wide variety of roles - as a PTZ camera source for lecture capture, live event production, or video streaming direct to YouTube or Facebook. bAV Integration and Controlbr //bLumens VC-A61PN supports both PoE (Power over Ethernet) and a 12v DC input. It also features dedicated RS-232 in-out ports, RS-422 and Ethernet-based control protocol support (including Crestron, Extron, Visca, Pelco D, NDI and Onvif). This gives the camera an unparalleled level of flexibility: whatever the video workflow, whatever the AV integration, VC-A61PN is ready to take the complexity out of camera installation and management.

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