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Lumens VC-TR1 - Full HD Auto-Tracking Camera


20x Optical Zoom Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera
bAdvanced Tracking br //bVC-TR1 represents a major advance in facial detection and camera tracking technology. With Lumens' technology, the presenter does not need to wear a dongle, nor is there any need to run a separate PC-based application. VC-TR1 does all the tracking within the system itself. Tracking is smooth and natural and can be finely tuned to adjust for speed and sensitivity to suit your needs. bIntelligent Trackingbr / /bIncorporating dual cameras, VC-TR1 monitors the full width of the stage and the presenter simultaneously, so it's always one step ahead. The user can select settings such as super tracking or partition tracking to establish accurate tracking areas and exclusion zones. This ensures that the presenter is the center of attention at all times. The operator can also add presets to zoom in when the speaker is at the lectern, for example, or zoom out to film a panel discussion. It's very easy to set up and requires no user input once the session has started. bSmart Switching Images between Dual Lens Design/bbr /The VC-TR1 integrates PTZ camera and 112amp;deg; FOV panoramic camera. Thanks to the dual lens design, it can capture the entire view and track a speaker simultaneously. While in the process of tracking, the VC-TR1 automatically switches the video frame. Audiences see not only a presenter but also the content on a whiteboard or presentation material. bSimple Integration br //bVC-TR1 can be used in multiple roles within your organization. With UVC-compliant USB, the camera connects directly with video conferencing software such as Zoom, WebEx, Teams or Skype. Featuring IP streaming, VC-TR1 delivers live video directly to platforms such as YouTube or Facebook Live. Its HDMI and SDI connectivity enables fast integration with video switchers for native video quality production. bBroadcast Quality br //bVC-TR1 combines excellent auto-tracking with camera technology which is developed to television standards. The sensor, lens, and video output options are all professional-grade, giving you the high-resolution output, faithful colors, and excellent performance in low light settings. bApplicationsbr //b ul Conference Production: Suitable for use in the main auditoria or breakout rooms, offering automated event production of keynote addresses and discussion panels. Telemedicine: Being able to move around a lab, a demonstrator can present to remote audiences without being restricted to a static VC position. E-learning: Teachers can engage more effectively with remote students by moving naturally around a classroom or lecture hall. /ul

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