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Nureva HDL200 audio conferencing system in Black


HDL200 audio conferencing system, Black (Dark Grey)For spaces to 18'x18'
The Nureva HDL200 system brings full-room audio coverage to huddle rooms and meeting spaces (up to 18' x 18'). No matter where people sit in the room, theyll always be heard by remote participants. The HDL200 is simple to install, with no need for specialized skills or complicated multicomponent setups. And with continuous autocalibration, theres never a need to make audio adjustments when a room is reconfigured. bMicrophone Mist technology/bbrWith the HDL200 system, you get full-room coverage with a single microphone and speaker bar. The secret? Microphone Mist technology. It fills rooms with 4,096 virtual microphones so no matter where you sit or stand, theres always a microphone nearby. This patented technology is an ideal match for the meeting rooms of today, and its only available with Nureva audio. bFlexible installation/bbrThe HDL200 can be installed in a variety of configurations, including on the wall (above or below a display) or even mounted to a mobile floor display stand. The compact microphone and speaker bar is plug and play and will be recognized as a standard USB device. bBuilt for natural meetings/bbrThe HDL200 system delivers a consistent, natural listening experience for remote callers. Audio is always clear, no matter where in-room participants sit or move or which direction they face, so theres no need to change behaviors just to be heard. Even when people in the room talk at the same time, their voices will always be picked up. The result? Everyone stays focused on the meeting, not the technology. bHelpful display/bbrThe built-in, configurable LCD gives you helpful information. On first-time start-up, youll know when the system is finished autocalibrating. During normal operation, youll see call status and the time of day.

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