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Huddly Go Conferencing Camera w/Yamaha Work From Home Speakerphone- Black


Huddly Go Conferencing Camera w/Yamaha Work From Home Speakerphone
In todays climate of a growing remote workforce and a rise in the popularity of web based video and audio conferencing systems the need for high quality virtual interactions is higher than ever before. Both innovators in this space Huddly and Yamaha have partnered to provide a convenient work-from-home kit for web based communications. Those that split their time between home and an office or frequently travel will enjoy the portability of these devices as they are small and lightweight, but dont let the size fool you. The Yamaha YVC-200 includes professional features including adaptive echo cancellation, automatic gain control, and Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) which can distinguish the human voice over background noise. It supports both a wired USB connection or wireless connection via Bluetooth. The YVC-200 is available in either black or white, and includes a headset outlet for private listening. The Huddly Go is a 16 Megapixel 720p HD 16:9 conferencing camera with an ultra-wide 150-degree viewing angle. Features including dynamic light optimization, a six-element glass lens, and digital pan/tilt/zoom provide a superior user experience all in a compact package that fits in the palm of your hand.

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