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Newline Z-Series 55" 4K UHD Capacitive Touchscreen LED Display with 4K Camera

by Newline

550Z 4K LED Multi-touch Display-Capacitive Touch
Newline Z Series brings you an immersive and effective collaboration experience in the modern classroom and workspace. The UC Ready Z Series display comes with an onboard computer (OPS) integrated into the display, no extra devices needed and a flexible 4K wide-angle camera that can capture video throughout the room. Experience communication in a whole new way and interact without limitations on the Z Series. brbr Equipped with a Proximity Sensor, this 55-inch display will sleep/reawaken automatically based on human presence in the room. The UC Ready Z Series comes with a flexible 4K modular camera with 120-degree FOV that can be tilted upward and downward within 15-degree to the angle that works for classrooms and meeting rooms. A built-in Wi-Fi 6 module, with a frequency range of 2.4/5 GHz, offers greater capacity, security, efficiency and performance, enabling an enhanced connection for better teaching and conferencing experience. brbr The Z Series introduces a new and more elegant User Interface. Choose from several new themes with updated icons to customize your Z Series panel. The home screen has been revamped and streamlined. The floating toolbars on the left and right sides can be expanded, collapsed and moved for convenience. Save time and effort with a feature that understands your writing gestures. brbr The Z Series supports Object Recognition that can differentiate between fingers, pens and palms to react as a marker, thin pen or eraser. The display also utilizes a Capacitive touch, which supports Palm Rejection Technology and can differentiate between a stylus or a fingertip and a palm or a wrist, effectively 'rejecting' unwanted contact. All of this to make for a smoother and more natural writing Access everything you need to take notes, annotate during lessons or meetings, and more. With an impressive set of new tools, you won't need another whiteboarding application to get right to work. Complete everything in one app including importing and exporting the images, videos and documents you need. In addition, all Z Series displays also have a unique glass coating that kills and minimizes germs that come in contact with the screen, so you can confidently share the touch display with other users.

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