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Poly Studio X30 - Pre-configured for TEAMS: 4K Video Collaboration Bar

Unleash the full potential of collaboration with the Poly Studio X30, meticulously pre-configured for seamless integration with TEAMS. This exceptional solution includes a cutting-edge 4K video collaboration bar, advanced 4K 4x camera, codec, speakerphone, and monitor clamp, delivering an immersive video conferencing experience. Experience crystal-clear visuals and superior audio quality, empowering you to communicate and collaborate with clarity and precision.

To ensure effortless connectivity, the package includes essential cables: 1 HDMI (1.83m) and 1 CAT5E LAN (4.57m). The power supply is equipped with an American-type B plug (NEMA 5-15), providing compatibility in diverse regions. Please note that optional services are available separately to further enhance your collaboration environment.

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