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Da-Light | Professional 159D 78X139NPA MW with standard 2" top black border and

by Da_Lite

Professional 159D 78X139NPA MW with standard 2" top black border and

The Dalite 78 x 139" Professional Electrol Motorized Projection Screen is a large screen suitable for venues such as auditoriums, and theaters. This is a rugged screen designed for heavy-duty use. The motor is inside the roller and is supplied with a quick reversal function. In addition, it features an automatic thermal overload cutoff to prevent accidental burn-outs. The braking system is designed to eliminate "coasting".

The handsome case is wood and coated with a black primer which can be finished as you see fit. The Professional Electrol includes a three-position Decora style wall switch or can also be controlled with Dalite's Video Projector Interface, Single Motor Low Voltage Controller as well as Dalite's many Integrated Screen Control products for more sophisticated control and networking.

  • Dalite's largest enclosed electric screen
  • Perfect for venues where a recessed installation is not required or possible
  • Patented in-the-roller motor mounting system for quiet operation
  • Handsome black textured case blends with any decor
  • All fabrics are seamless
  • Optional floating mounting bracket allows screen to be mounted onto a wall or ceiling studs and aligned left or right after installation by releasing two sets of screws

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