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RoboFLIP 30 HDBT OneLINK Bridge System


This system combines the RoboFLIP® 30 HDBT Camera with the OneLINK Bridge for HDBaseT Cameras to extend power, video and control over a single cable for simple, tidy installation. Enclosed within its recessed ceiling mounting case, the RoboFLIP 30 HDBT In-Ceiling HD PTZ Camera is ideal for capturing events or videoconferencing where being aware of active video status is of critical importance.


Key Features:

  • Modern and minimalistic design
  • 30x zoom, 70.2 degree FOV with 1080p/60 resolution
  • Simultaneous HDBaseT and IP H.264 streaming


The RoboFLIP 30 HDBT camera fully rotates into its enclosure when in standby mode, allowing room occupants full assurance that video feeds are not active. With its unique “flipping” design and Vaddio’s industry-leading Tri-Synchronous Motion technology, the camera silently rotates, providing ultra-smooth, simultaneous pan, tilt and zoom functions for natural camera motion.

Although the silent rotation and flipping features of the PTZ camera are impressive, the image produced from the RoboFLIP 30 HDBT camera is stunning. The RoboFLIP 30 HDBT is the ultimate professional PTZ camera solution for both security and design-conscious customers, yet maintains Vaddio’s high standards for performance, network manageability and ease of use.

Equipped with 30x optical zoom, the RoboFLIP 30 HDBT camera captures stunning high definition video from greater distances. Place the RoboFLIP 30 HDBT in a corporate board room, law office, courtroom, medical institution, or any application where it’s critical to clearly know the camera’s active status or maintain clean lines.

The recessed design of the RoboFLIP 30 HDBT allows staff to easily clean and sanitize rooms when necessary without the risk of damaging fragile camera components.

Control the camera through Telnet, RS-232, the included IR remote, or the Vaddio Device Controller touch panel. With its modern web-based user interface, integrators can adjust 16 stored PTZ presets, color, white balance and focus, access system diagnostic logs, streaming settings and more. With built-in network connection via the HDBT port, the camera system is compatible with remote management tools like the free Vaddio Deployment Tool application.

Building on Vaddio’s successful architectural camera line, the RoboFLIP 30E HDBT camera is simple and straightforward to install. The camera has only one connection point, an HDBT port, that provides PoE++ power, video, control, and network connection to the camera. Clean lines and minimalistic design provide another great architectural videoconferencing solution for interior designers.

This Package Includes:

  • RoboFLIP 30 HDBT camera
  • OneLINK Bridge Interface
  • White trim ring including IR receiver and courtesy light button with 3 qty mounting screws
  • Tile Support Brace
  • Vaddio IR remote commander for RoboFLIP 30 HDBT camera
  • 6 ft. (1.8m) USB 3.0 cable, type A to B
  • Installation Guide

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