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Panasonic AK-HRP1010GJ - Remote Operation Panel (ROP)

A Remote Operation Panel for even greater operability during shooting, equipped with a new touch panel

  • 1/4 rack size, four units can be installed in a single 19-inch EIA rack.
  • High-resolution 3.5-inch color LCD touch panel and easy-to-use operation button layout.
  • IP connection supported, enabling control of studio cameras and Panasonic’s PTZ cameras*.
  • User-assignable knobs and priority buttons enable rapid operation of frequently-used functions.
  • Up to 99 cameras can be switched between and controlled with a single unit.
  • SDXC card support enables saving and loading of camera setting files and device settings.
  • * Studio Camera AK-UC4000GJ/UC4000GSJ, AK-UC3300GJ/UC3300GSJ, AK-HC5000GJ/HC5000GSJ and AK-HC3900GJ/HC3900GSJ are supported. For information on other cameras that can be connected to this device, please refer to the Compatible Controller PDF.

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